The accelerated pace and global scope of business today has made it extremely crucial for educational institutions to churn out those students who are leaders, who have mastered the latest concepts and practices and are also self assured individuals, willing to take on any challenge in life. Until now, management programmes were imparted to graduate students from any stream. That is until the Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) was introduced by the University of Mumbai in 1999

A world of transformational leaders and organizations who change the society for the better.

The department shall endeavor to promote entrepreneurial culture and develop managerial and communication skills of the students to enable them in contributing to the development of the society and the nation.

 To impart professional education and training in the field of management and entrepreneurship education. To disseminate knowledge and information by organizing seminars/workshops/short term courses to develop professionalism. To develop soft skills of the students in order to increase their employability.


Course Details


Name Department Designation
Mr. Sachin S. Bhosale Management Studies Co-Ordinator
Mrs. Vijaya S. Bhosale Management Studies Head of Department
Mr. Deepak D. Sable Management Studies Assistant Professor
Mr. Nyamatulla H. Mullaji Management Studies Assistant Professor

Student Academic Activities