Department provides vertical growth in students and staff members for enhancement in technical and social means. The Department has established a reputation for its technical excellence and is well equipped Computer Lab.Department is committed to provide excellent teaching learning methodology with enough facilities in laboratories for overall development of students.



The department of Information Technology envisions to create groomed, technically competent and skilled intellectual IT professionals specifically from the rural area of Konkan to meet the current challenges of the modern computing industry.

To uplift rural students of the Punjab region through advanced quality education in Information Technology. To provide technical solutions in the field of Information Technology to the local society. To provide need based quality training in the field of Information Technology. To maintain state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories where students and faculty can enhance their understanding of technology. To provide students with the tools to become productive, participating global citizens and life-long learners. To provide an atmosphere for students and faculty for continuous learning to investigate, apply and transfer knowledge.

Technological advances in today’s digital IT environment offer an almost borderless arena for collaboration, knowledge management, data analysis, and innovation. Capabilities are developing at an exponential rate to capture, manage, analyze, and retrieve vast amounts of information in order to build relationships, engage with broader constituencies, foster openness, and achieve transparency. Technology and innovation are invaluable tools for engaging our foreign partners, and will continue to connect people to the knowledge and information they need when they need it in support of foreign policy and operations.

Course Details


Name Department Designation
Mr. Sachin S. Bhosale Information Technology Co-ordinator
Mr. Vinayak I. Pujari Information Technology Head of Department
Mr. Shailesh S. Sutar Information Technology Assistant Professor
Mr. Omkar U. Kapadi Information Technology Assistant Professor
Mrs. Pooja S.Butala Information Technology Assistant Professor
Mrs. Ashwini S. Sheth Visiting Faculty Assistant Professor
Mrs. Sajeli M. Butala Visiting Faculty Assistant Professor
Mr. Amit A. Jadhav Visiting Faculty Assistant Professor
Miss. Khushboo H. Sodi Visiting Faculty Assistant Professor
Mrs. Gauri R. Malwadkar Visiting Faculty Assistant Professor


Name of Lab Lab Incharge Contact Number
IT Lab Mr. Amol Kamble 7030601879
IOT Lab Mr. Amol Kamble 7030601879

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