Department of Commerce thus embraces all those functions involved in the making, buying, selling and transport of goods. As a subject of organized study, commerce has recently come to the fore. Today, the subject is of prime importance as the nations that are foremost in the world have what may be called commercial rather than industrial, economies, with commercial activities and occupations attracting the largest part of both capital and labor resources.

The Department is committed to integrate all facets of commerce and management to educate and train innovative and competent human resource globally suitable for industry, business and service sector and to equip and encourage them to start their own ventures in urban or rural areas benefitting both the classes and masses.

We are dedicated to secure and deliver knowledge through teaching, research and extension; and to seek continuous improvement in the quality of education to remain globally competitive.

To consolidate, strengthen and update the existing programmes. To expand and diversify to cover the frontier areas by introducing newly certain innovative academic programmes. To foster research in regional studies that too of interdisciplinary nature.To introduce professional courses, short-term, long-term and need based.

Sub Courses

Sub Courses


Name Department Designation
Dr. Chandrashekhar Salunkhe Commerce Associate Professor
Mr. Mahadev Kelkar Accountancy Assistant Professor
Mrs. Asma Mukadam Accountancy Assistant Professor
Mrs. Sabiha Momere Commerce Assistant Professor
Mrs. Leena Chikhale-Khedekar Commerce Assistant Professor