Masters in Information Technology


MSc IT. degree is a Master of Science in Information Technology. IT is a rapidly growing field in today’s digitally connected world. This certification not only arms a graduate with expertise in computer science; it also provides graduates with a competitive edge in the job market.

To Transform the individuals into globally proficient Infomration Technologists, to meet the challenges of the evolving society

Higher Order Thinking: To provide quality education in both theoretical and practical aspects in the field of Information Technology..
Competency: To equip the students to cater the industrial demands through providing advance training...
Continuous Learning: To encourage and guide the students to participate in research oriented activities and pursue higher education.
Entrepreneurship: To inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among students to serve the nation

To offer quality, diversified, and relevant programmes of study in keeping with the pertinent validation and accrediation requirements stipulated by the professional institutions and competent local ministry/accreditation commission

Course Details


Name Department Designation
Mr. Sachin S. Bhosale MSC IT Head of Department
Mr. Vinayak I. Pujari MSC IT Assistant Professor
Mrs. Ashwini S. Sheth MSC IT Assistant Professor
Mrs. Vijaya S. Bhosale MSC IT Assistant Professor
Mrs. Sajeli M. Butala MSC IT Assistant Professor


Name of Lab Lab Incharge Contact Number
IT Lab Mr. Amol Kamble 7030601879