Masters in Information Technology


An MSc in IT degree is a Master of Science in Information Technology. IT is a rapidly growing field in today’s digitally connected world. This certification not only arms a graduate with expertise in computer science; it also provides graduates with a competitive edge in the job market

We aspire to be the best management institute in India known for developing ethical business leaders and entrepreneurs striving for sustainability and growth with social responsibility.

Leadership through excellence in value based management education relevant to corporate and society needs

Create and disseminate knowledge relevant to corporate and society needs. Imbibe entrepreneurial culture through curriculum, pedagogy, research and mentoring. Nurture students for national and global business leadership roles. Keep faculty updated, develop them to impart education relevant to current corporate and society needs. Ingrain ethics, sustainability and inclusive growth in all its activities of the institute

Students will demonstrate the ability to apply concepts to arrive at sound business Decision Making. Students will demonstrate Quatitative skills. Students will demonstrate Verbal/Written skills. Students will demonstrate knowledge of International business. Students will demonstrate knowledge of core Business Content.


Name Department Designation
Dr. Prasad S. Bhange MBA Professor & Director
Prof. Vithal S. Jadhav MBA Assistant Professor
Prof. Satish S. Kadam MBA Assistant Professor
Prof. Divyesh G. Nagarkar MBA Assistant Professor


Name of Lab Lab Incharge Contact Number
Computer Lab Mr. Sudhesh S. Mali 9075717075